Commit Definition & Meaning

Committed To Keeping

There are two types of people at work – those who like to make commitments and others who like to keep them. Keep would work, but the sentence under examination refers to an on-going process. The Fed could commit to keep the funds rate at zero until, say, January 15 or it could commit to “keeping” it for the foreseeable future. “To give it more impact, the Fed could commit to “keeping” the funds rate at zero for some period of time or until the economy or inflation meet some predetermined conditions.” After a heated and aggressive bidding war, property developer Robert Campeau ended up buying Bloomingdale’s for an estimated $600 million more than it was worth. You might also like these inspirational perseverance quotes for life’s toughest times.

Consider setting up a required mentorship and coaching partnership program for all employees. Require every manager, supervisor and foreman to personally mentor and coach a next future leader or outstanding team member in their department. Dedicate time weekly to ongoing training, counseling, coaching, mentoring and working together. Thinking about the person who’s making the request helps you consciously prioritize work where you not only get an opportunity to add value but trust that others appreciate your efforts too. Not paying attention to toxic coworkers can lead to feelings of cynicism, despair, and other negative emotions that can hurt your ability to focus and make active contributions. They hardly realize that their casual attitude without thoughtful consideration causes a lot of inconvenience and annoyance to those who depend on them. Business reputation, customer and share loss, and financial loss become risks.

Following my North node

Be flexible in allowing employees to take time off for personal and family matters, and make sure to limit overtime and weekend work. Encourage employees to take vacation time and provide bonus days off for accomplishments and milestones achieved. From the leadership team to the employees on the shop floor, everyone in your business is involved in safety conversations and feels empowered to speak up about safety concerns. Regularly meet with your direct reports and key team members one on one, so you can stay in touch with their personal and career goals. This support will help your people feel valued and lead to greater productivity, loyalty and engagement. Overall, I’ve learned that keeping commitments to yourself means getting your mindset right, repeating what works, and learning more about yourself so you can focus on what you need. But if you’re always setting goals and plans for yourself but can’t seem to follow through with them, you’re breaking the most important promise – the one with yourself.

What are different ways to say committed?

  • pledged.
  • promised.
  • engaged.
  • betrothed.
  • affianced.
  • spousal.
  • married.
  • espoused.

If your kept-commitments are not consistent, the people that support you will not continue to do so. In reality, learning to value your own goals and desires is the only way you’ll be able to get to where you want to be.

Ways to Stay Committed and Keep Moving Toward Your Goals

I found myself getting tired of doing this, so I decided it was time to keep the commitments I make for myself. This form of inverse thinking will challenge you to explore your priorities from a different angle. Choosing to Committed To Keeping make the right commitments isn’t always about optimizing every minute of your time. It’s about doing work that generates more value in the ecosystem. It involves taking time to forge a bond and build better relationships.

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